Eliott & Nina

A CHR/Top 40 show that’s live each weeknight from 7 p.m. to 12 midnight! Eliott and Nina will take you on a ride with current info on today’s hottest hits, celebrity and artist updates, pop culture news, and much, much more!

    Personalities Associated with the show:


    Originally from the west side of Indianapolis, Eliott attended college and honed his radio skills in Michigan. He spent 10 years hosting radio gigs across the country from Los Angeles, Houston, Indianapolis, and Philadelphia before settling in Atlanta. Eliott is a strong advocate for mental health awareness. You can catch him on social media with…
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  • NINA

    Nina is an award-winning broadcast pro with experience in major markets including New York and Chicago. Nina launched her career in Seattle radio doing everything from hanging banners to cracking the mic on every daypart. She served as Seattle radio’s exclusive red carpet correspondent at major Hollywood events such as The Grammy Awards, American Idol…
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